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Regular office massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress within the work place. Whilst making your team feel energised and refocused. With Total Treatment and Therapy you can choose to have treatments weekly, bi-monthly or monthly and how long you would like that treatment to be. We also cater for events and wellness days within the workplace.
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Sports massage on leg

Desk Massage

A hugely popular treatment due to it's flexibility and cost efficiency, as staff will not have to leave their work station. Here they will receive a head, neck and shoulder massage, making this a quick and easy treatment. A desk massage relieves stress and improves mood leaving staff feeling refreshed and revitalised. This treatment is great for small offices as no equipment is needed and lots of staff members can be treated in one session.
Treatment Times: 5/10/15 minutes

Chair Massage

This seated massage treatment is carried out in a specially designed chair that is portable, and can be set up anywhere not taking up much room. This treatment is performed over clothes allowing for it to take part in any office environment. Accupressure techniques will be used along the head,neck,shoulders arms and back releasing any physical tension. Chair massages help relieve headaches and eyestrain but most importantly the have been shown to alleviate the symptoms of stress, ideal for a busy workplace.
Treatment Times: 10/15/20/30 minutes

Sports Massage

A sport massage is not restricted to athletes, as the technique applied is extremely effective in treating everyday physical problems. This treatment will take place in a small meeting room or side room, allowing complete relaxation and removal from the office. This treatment is perfect for rewarding long working hours or demands and boosting morale within a team. All equipment is provided and an initial consultation is performed to discuss aches and pains allowing the client to get the most of the treatment. 
Treatment Times: 30/60 minutes 


Example Packages

Please contact us to discuss your personalised plan


(2 Hours)

10 X 10 Minute Treatments
5 X 20 Minute Treatments


(3 hours)

15 X 10 Minute Treatments
6 x 30 Minute Treatments


(6 hours)

25 X 10 Minute Treatments
12 X 20 Minute Treatments


(1 month)

40 X 20 Minute Treatments
32 X 30 Minute Treatments

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